19th Annual Production Sale

Friday, 4th of Februray 2022.

 1:00 PM (SYD, NSW) AEDT

 On Farm. 


Amarula is located on 2200 acres, 50km East of Moree. We run 500 Stud Dorper Ewes alongside a commercial Dorper flock of 1000 ewes, as well as 100 Stud White Dorper Ewes.

Amarula is committed to breeding highly productive Dorpers that are high yielding, moderate frame and fertile. We believe the hardiness and adaptability, combined with high fertility and low maintenance makes them the most viable self replacing meat sheep breed in the world.

We aim to breed the highest quality genetics which we have sold all over Australia and many different countries. We sell rams and ewes year round.

Welcome To Amarula Dorpers

Contact us to find out what Amurula blood can do for your genetic line.

Visits by appointment.