Breeding Objectives

Amarula is committed to providing, hard working, highly fertile, heavily muscled rams to the commercial sheep industry. We do this through a strict selection process where we identify superior sires and dams by using the:

  • South African Classing System,
  • Lamb Plan, Ultra Sound Scanning (EMD & Fat) and
  • The ability of our sheep to handle the harsh Australian conditions.

Amarula ET ewes

The use of Embryo Transfer has allowed us to decrease the generational gap in the natural breeding cycle thus allowing us to identify superior family lines. We make these genetics available each year at our On Property Production Sale, National Dorper Sale and by private treaty.

The bred and butter of every commercial breeding operation is the quality of the ewe flock. For this reason we focus on the maternal traits as well as providing high performing rams. 90% of our ewes are Type 4 and 5 ewes, inspected and tagged by South African Inspectors. Our clients can be assured that they are receiving the best genetic packages every time they purchase from us.

Advantages of Amarula Dorpers

Prime Lambs


  • Rapid weight gain – 50kg at 5 months
  • Dress weight 50% plus
  • High quality leather
  • Excellent conformation and fat distribution
  • Good conversion of poor quality feed
  • Thrive in extensive dry conditions
  • Domestic and Export market acceptance, with Amarula lambs being bought by all major and minor processors.


The Breed

Not only are we selling genetics in Australia but embryos have also been exported to Mexico. The breed is tipped to be a major influence in low rainfall, low management input systems throughout the world with interest coming from China , Middle East , America , Canada and now South America.

Justin & Lorroi were impressed by the hardiness and survivability of the Dorper as well as their low maintenance. The Dorper has the ability to utilise poor quality feed to rapidly gain weight. It can also adapt to better quality feeding systems such as improved pastures and feedlots due to its excellent feed conversion.

The breed is also highly fertile with multiple births prevalent. Lambing percentages of 150% are normal. Their polyoestrus (nonseasonal) breeding ability enables the ewes to lamb three times in 2 years. They produce a large amount of milk and are very protective mothers.


Females will give you


  • Fertility with high lambing percentage at 150% plus
  • Continuous Breeding Season with 3 lambings in 2 years.
  • Ewes will rejoin with a 5 week old lamb at foot
  • Exceptional Mothering Ability
  • Highly Protective
  • Large Quantity of milk
  • Long Reproductive life



Rams will give you


  • Extremely fertile – join at 1%
  • High libido
  • Good walking ability
  • Masculinity
  • Early maturing – join at 10 months
  • Hardiness & High survival rate
  • Easy Care
  • Adaptability




Lambs will be


  • Small birth weight
  • Vigorous
  • High survival High weaning weight – can reach 40kg at 12 weeks
  • Early grazing
  • Excellent feed utilisation and conversion



No Worries Farming


  • No Shearing
  • No Crutching
  • No Mulesing
  • No Flystrike
  • No Chemicals
  • No OH&S
  • Less Husbandry
  • Sustainable Farming
  • Organic Capabilities
  • Dorpers (Black heads) don’t have any skin disorders
  • World Export demand for Amarula Genetics