Family Trust

Our family stretches well beyond our front gate.


We have drawn on the wealth of knowledge of the South African Dorper breeders and in turn are in the process of becoming South African Certified Judges and Inspectors of the breed. This would assist the industry by providing a local source of knowledge for Australian Breeders.

We have completed two Dorper courses. A Junior Course at Narromine in 2002 and the First Senior course in South Africa in August 2003 at Tien and Margaret Jordaan’s property. We will complete our final senior course shortly.

About Us

Amarula is committed to developing the Dorper as a profitable and sustainable meat breed for Australia.

We believe the hardiness and adaptability, combined with high fertility and low maintenance makes them the most viable self replacing meat sheep breed in the world.

Amarula is situated 50km East of Moree.

Where are we?

Lorroi Kirkby

Lorroi was raised on a 25,000 acre sheep station North of Bourke where she realised how essential for Australian agriculture it is to be engaged in sustainable practices. After extensive research and study she invested in Dorpers as it enabled her to help protect the environment through producing an easy care, non-selective grazing animal.

Lorroi is a qualified veterinarian and specialises in Artificial Breeding Technologies in the sheep industry. She is one of the very few female vets working within this industry. This includes Artificial Insemination (AI) as well as Embryo Transfer (ET). She is also one of the few accredited International Export Embryo Transfer Veterinarians.

The introduction of new breeds from South Africa has boosted the industry, as producers want to increase their purebred numbers quickly. A major reason for learning the artificial breeding techniques was so she could use AI and ET with the Amarula Dorper ewes, to allow production of elite genetics to benefit the whole sheep industry.

Lorroi was the runner up in the NSW Rural Women of the Year Competition in 2004, with her involvement in development of the Dorper as a sustainable and viable economic meat sheep breed for Australia .

Justin Kirkby

Justin is a trained embryologist with over 5 years experience in his field. Raised on a mixed farming operation in Northern NSW , Justin has been involved in agriculture his whole life.

His experience over many agricultural fields has enabled Justin to appreciate the need for genetic improvement in the red meat industry. The Dorpers ability to introduce low maintenance, high production genetics to the Australian industry was the reason for Justin’s interest in the breed.

Justin is the president of the Eastern Branch of the Dorper Sheep Society of Australia. In this roll he is dedicated to the development and promotion of the Dorper Breed.