Amarula Whites

Amarula White Dorpers

Amarula Whites

Amarula White Dorper Stud was established in 2008. With the purchase of a neighbouring property we needed to expand our operation and diversify to increase income, so the decision to breed White Dorpers was made.


The Stud will only ever run 100 Stud White Dorper ewes so selection is very important. Our main aim with the White Dorper is to improve structure and increase fertility. We have applied the same breeding selection criteria to the White Dorpers, as we have done to our Dorpers for the last 10 years. One important criterion is to breed White Dorpers that don’t need their feet trimmed and have good shoulders. We have a very stringent culling process to ensure our goals are attained.

Original ewes and sires were chosen on correct conformation (especially legs and feet) and good muscling. Rams had to be masculine and ewes had to be feminine. Feminine ewes always breed the most masculine rams.

Shedding was a secondary consideration as all White Dorpers shed to some degree. We consider conformation and muscling as high priority. If they can’t walk and have no muscle, there is no point to breeding a White Dorper. Fortunately the rams and ewes selected also had excellent shedding to a soft hair coat.

In the last 2 years we have bought ewes and rams along with semen from Terraweena White Dorper Stud, as they have imported superior White Dorper genetics from South Africa. These ewes have been used in Embryo Transfer programs with the progeny being outstanding.